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Locally and independently owned, operated and produced Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine is born of publisher Roslyn Elena McGrath’s passion for helping you find your path to greater health and happiness, and nourished by readers, advertisers, and writers who desire that for themselves and others.

Roslyn Elena McGrath, Publisher

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U.P. holistic wellness publication testimonial
Linda Hamilton, U.P. RN
U.P. holistic business,  U.P. holistic wellness publication testimonial
Jill Koskiniemi, Amora Wellness & Gifts
Lisa Cory, Wellness Coach
U.P. holistic business, U.P. holistic wellness publication testimonial
Garee Zellmer, Life Coach

What People Say

Helpful, informative, fun, and well written. It’s local!

Linda Hamilton, U.P. RN

Great resource, info, connections – and it’s free!

Jill Koskiniemi, Amora Wellness & Gifts

 I had students from 17 into their 90’s. People from every decade mentioned how much they enjoy reading Health & Happiness.

Heidi Stevenson, former NMU Professor

Great informative articles you can use in everyday life.  

Lisa Cory, U.P. Wellness Coach

Love that it addresses mind, body, and soul!

Sherri Kromberg, Motel Operator

I love finding new health oriented businesses each time I open H&H… so many hidden gems here!

Sarah Derenzo, U.P. Chiropractor

 I had such good response to my ad, I renewed early.

Chloe Van Lente, Chloe’s Healing Arts

My H&H ad gives my business positive exposure and clients!

Garee Zellmer, Life Coach

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