Latest News On Health & Happiness!

I’m very happy to share with you the latest news on Health & Happiness U.P Magazine!

Our current issue prints today, and features great articles on preventing colds and flus, relieving stress, music’s healing power, healthy holiday side dishes, winter hikes, family history, infant vision development, treats to bake your furry friends, creative inspiration, and much more, plus find out why we chose Marquette Adult Day Services as our Elder Care donation receipient!

You can get a sneak preview from the posts below, as well as pick up additional tips on cold and flu prevention, how to learn more about your family history, find hot Green Living links, view beautiful winter photos of Dead River Falls by Kevin McGrath, as well as locations where you can pick up our hard copy publication, (distribution completed by 11/21/12.), Great Savings, Events, and a list of services offered by our advertisers.

We’ve also added 2 new pages! Learn more about our regular column writers on our Writers page, and check out our Featured Website of a non-profit promoting the health and happiness of others!

And, please “Like Us” on our new Facebook page as we continue to update you on all the latest!

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