Win Prizes As We Celebrate Our Expanded Distribution!

Exciting news! Health & Happiness is expanding distribution with new drop points in Baraga, Houghton, Dickinson & Delta Counties! This brings us to 9,000 copies – a 600% increase from where we started 6 ½ years ago!

To celebrate, we’re giving away a set of FREE PRIZES monthly through 5/31/14! “Follow Us” on this website (fill out “Email Subscription” at upper right) and you’ll be entered to win!

The first drawing will be held March 31st. The lucky winner will receive a gift certificate for a relaxing 1-hour Energetic Healing session from Intuitive Learning Creations, a $25 gift certificate from Coco’s Restaurant, and a Creative Wisdom Meditations CD for a total value of $100!

Already “Following Us” &/or want to increase your chances of winning? Go to our Facebook page (click icon at right) and “Like Us”! You’ll be entered to win 2 more times!

And yes, even if you’ve done both already, let us know what you like about Health & Happiness, as well as suggestions for future article topics, by commenting here or on our Facebook page, and you’ll be entered to win once again!

Good luck! And check back with us again to find out about next month’s prizes!

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