New Programs from AAUW-Marquette by Leslie Bek

The mission of the American Association of University Women is to advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy. A powerful mission. A mission the Marquette Branch seizes to create and sustain positive change locally, statewide, nationally, and globally.

The membership year is September – May, highlighted with engaging and inspiring programs. Through collaborative actions, it organizes additional mission-driven training and educational opportunities in the area. AAUW Marquette Branch also supports national and Northern Michigan University scholarships. Funding is generated by a scholarship fund campaign launched each new school year in September, and a used book sale held each April.

The gift of academic opportunity changes lives and opens doors for women who demonstrate financial need. AAUW Marquette Branch has been campaigning to raise funds for national AAUW scholarship programs since 1959, and local scholarships at Northern Michigan University since 1980. Through this investment, donors are impacting women’s dreams for the future.

Upcoming meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are held at the Federated Women’s Clubhouse, 104 W. Ridge Street, Marquette. Guests and new members are welcome to attend.

On September 13, AAUW Marquette Branch Program Co-Chair Leslie Bek will facilitate “Salad Supper & AAUW Priorities.” The featured discussion will answer the question “Why AAUW?” explaining why its members are here and why they keep coming back. Highlights will include AAUW accomplishments, priorities at the national, state, and local level, and upcoming programs of the Marquette Branch. AAUW members are asked to bring salad, dessert, or rolls; guests are invited and encouraged to attend. Please email Kathy Davis at if you’ll be attending. For more information, contact Leslie Bek at

The timely “Voting Matters” event will take place October 11. AAUW board members Ruth Ziel and Marge Forslin will facilitate an evening filled with a variety of topics to engage and inform voters. Updates on ballot issues, the security of our voting system in Michigan, gerrymandering, and fact checking will be presented. The program will conclude with a call to action to get out the vote.

“Career Night: Empowering Women as They Launch” will take place November 8. This event will focus on first-generation college students, student groups, and pre-professional associations. The mixer format, facilitated by AAUW board member Leslie Warren and AAUW member Taylor Susa, is an opportunity to dialogue with young women about getting a strong career start. Based on professional lessons learned from members representing multiple fields, this match-up promises to offer priceless heads-up conversations.

For more information, contact AAUW Marquette Branch President, Judy Puncochar, or website

Leslie Bek is the AAUW Marquette Branch NMU Scholarship Campaign Chair and Program Co-Chair.

Excerpted with permission from Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine, Fall 2018 Issue, copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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