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Medicare Myths & Free Volunteer Support: Forum Video

Wow! What a wonderful forum we had on “Myth-Busting & Self-Help Tips” from our local experts as part of our 10th anniversary celebration!

For those of you who were unable to make it to Marquette, MI last Saturday (and those who did and would like a review as well as to share it with friends and family), we’ll be posting links to videos of the presentations throughout the week.

Click here to watch “Navigating the Medicare Maze” with Darren Young, Manager of Business & Community Relations at UPCAP.


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Myth-Busting & Self-Help Tips: YOUR Health & Happiness Forum

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Older Than the Hills + 10th Anniversary Celebration

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Health & Happiness is posting some of its best articles from its first 10 years throughout the month of September.

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And if you’re in the Marquette area on Sept. 30th, please join us in celebrating our anniversary at YOUR Health & Happiness Forum from 1 pm – 4 pm in the Community Room of the Peter White Public Library.

Stay posted for more details! And please enjoy the second article in our September Retrospective series!

Gifts from Nature: Older Than the Hills

by Robert Regis

Having grown up in the U.P., I was intrigued by the rocks and minerals and the spectacular rock outcroppings seen in my nearby travels. One such place is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. There you see rusty red and orange sandstone rising abruptly from the deep blue waters of Lake Superior, making a dramatic visual contrast. Beautiful indeed, but the young scientist in me asked where did those sandstones come from? And what makes them so red? Why are the cliffs so dramatic?

Turns out the sandstones are quite young, compared to other rocks around the U.P. They are a mere 500 million years old! They were deposited along an ancient shoreline, with streams depositing sand across a gentle, rocky plain. Except at that time, the PRNL was located just south of the equator. That’s right, the equator. There were no palm trees lining the beach, though, for land plants had not yet made their appearance on Earth. It was a barren scene.

The rocks tell a story of change over time, like pages in a book. At the base of the cliffs, right at or below water level, is the Jacobsville Sandstone, named for sandstone quarry owner John Henry Jacobs. There, the rock was quarried for building stone, and may be seen in many buildings around the U.P. (Marquette Courthouse and the Cathedral, etc). Above the Jacobsville Sandstone is the Munising Formation, which forms most of the vertical cliffs. The lower member is the Chapel Rock Sandstone, and above it is the Miners Castle Sandstone. Although similar, the sediments that make up the Chapel Rock Sandstone came from a different source than the Miners Castle, and hence have a slightly different appearance. The structures and minerals in the rocks show the sediments first came from highlands to the south (Chapel Rock) and later from the east (Miners Castle) as seas encroached on the land and became deeper and deeper. The red color comes from hematite, which stains the sediments. Above the sandstone cliff is a bed of dolomitic sandstone, which indicates that the deepening ocean was warm but still shallow. Dolomite forms a resistant layer that is difficult to erode, and is the “caprock” that protects the layers below. It is responsible for the many waterfalls and abrupt topography in PRNL because streams have difficulty eroding through the layer.

Moving west toward Marquette, you can see the Jacobsville Sandstone again at Presque Isle Park. In some places, the sandstone has lost its red hematite coloration by chemical leaching and is now white.

The name Presque Isle means “almost an island.” In fact, not too many years ago (to a geologist) the park was an island. You can observe the old shorelines of glacial Lake Nipissing (pre-Lake Superior) from about 5,000 years ago at the bandshell and the gazebo near the entrance to the park. The bluffs were formed by waves eroding into the island when the lake was about twenty-five feet higher. An underwater ridge of sand developed between the island and the mainland, and when the lake lowered, the ridge became a land connection which geologists call a “tombolo.” The road to the Park is on the tombolo.

Underneath the sandstone is rock that locals refer to as “Black Rocks.” The Black Rocks are a metamorphosed igneous peridotite about 1.7 billion years old! The rock was exposed previously, because the Jacobsville Sandstone rests directly on top of that ancient erosional surface (called a nonconformity). You can see this nonconformity at many places in the Park, but probably best along the west side, south of “Sunset Point.”

Robert Regis has been a geology Professor at Northern Michigan University for over twenty years. His degrees are from NMU, Indiana State University, and Michigan Tech University. He has published and presented numerous articles on the geology of the U.P.

Reprinted with permission from the Summer 2012 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine, copyright 2012, all right reserved.

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Music For All Kids This Summer!

Music For All Kids summer music classes and workshops will be held at North Star Academy Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 16th thru August 22nd from 12:45pm-1:45pm.  These classes are for kids in grades 7-12.  Students will play together in ensembles and receive one on one instruction on the instrument of their choice.  Previous enrollment in MFAK is not required.  This program follows NSA’s summer youth lunch program; students can receive free lunch at noon.

Music For All Kids will also teach several workshops this summer with dates and locations to be announced. These workshops will be available to all youth ages 5-18.

Private Lessons for Everyone!

This summer MFAK will be giving private music lessons in state of the art practice rooms at Northern Michigan University.  We would like thank Dr. Engleheart and the NMU Music Department for making this space available to our program.  MFAK instructors are opening up these lessons to the public, any one ages 5-99.  Scholarships available to those who qualify.

MFAK is able to provide MarqTran bus tickets for students that may need transportation

MFAK summer programs are funded in part by grants from the Marquette County Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council and the Marquette County Coalition for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention.

To register a student for Music For All Kids, to register for private lessons, or if you have any questions about instrument or monetary donations please contact Cassie Freeborn,  906.250.0650  or Shane Murray,  906 235 5163.


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Your Goddess Is Calling

Tomorrow, June 6th, Discover the Goddess Archetypes that most speak to you and how you can benefit from their inspirational messages for personal growth!

Author, artist and intuitive Roslyn Elena McGrath will be sharing personally meaningful, helpful messages from her recently released books, Goddess Heart Rising: Paintings, Poems and Meditations for Activating Your Divine Potential, and The Third Mary: 55 Messages for Empowering Truth, Peace & Grace from the Mother of Mary Magdalene.

Some of the original Goddess paintings featured in Goddess Heart Rising will be on view.

The event takes place 6 pm at Panara Imports, 125 W. Washington St., Marquette, MI.

Free Admission. Autographed books and Goddess posters will be available for sale.

For more info., go to, or

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Bird Stories

This Wed., 6/4/14, bring your personal bird anecdotes, poems and stories that you’ve gathered or written, as well as bird art and songs, and celebrate in a special Joy Center Out Loud event that will set your spirit soaring.

6:30 – 9 pm at Joy Center, 1492 Southwood Dr., Ishpeming, MI. Love offerings appreciated. Call (906) 486-8966 for more info.

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