Spotlight On…. Shepherd Organizing with Dar Shepherd

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Tell us what Shepherd Organizing is all about.

It’s dedicated to helping people clear clutter in their home, office, business, to create living spaces that are really life-enhancing. I walk alongside people in the de-cluttering process. They decide what to put in the “keep” and “donate” piles and we find a place for what will remain.

I use the Marie Kondo method, organizing by categories—first clothing, then books, papers, and each room, going through everything. For example, we take all of your clothing out so you can decide with each piece whether you really love it, wear it, and want to keep it.

We look at what books really bring you joy and enhance your life, and release things that trigger guilt. We ask with each of your papers, “Do I still need this?” What a relief it is to know where everything is—car title, check, gift certificate, things that had been misplaced, and to have things organized so you know where everything is.

Little things can make a huge difference in how people feel and how they can work, especially in the kitchen. In the bedroom, we take out everything that doesn’t belong and make it look comfortable. Memorabilia collected through the whole process is saved for last. Piles can be made to pass things on to different people.

Every single one of my clients says they have more energy after de-cluttering.

Some hire me because they don’t want their kids to have to clean up after they’ve moved into a nursing home or passed. Young families with small children want their homes more organized so they can have more time together, and want to teach their kids “This is where this goes.”

Most kids have too many toys. Studies show they play better and in more depth when they have less toys. A connection’s also been shown between clutter and ADHD, especially in children. Plus, it’s hard to clean with lots of clutter.

Clients say their mental health is so much better afterward. I feel very honored that people trust me to help them with this intimate process. Some don’t want people they know to help them because they’re embarrassed, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

What led you to start Shepherd Organizing?

I’ve been helping people for over ten years—family, friends, some paid jobs. I’m pure Finnish. We did a lot of cleaning and didn’t have much clutter. And I had twins, so I had to be very organized. I realized it makes such a difference in people’s lives…. If I were a millionaire and didn’t have to work, I would still do this. It’s just so rewarding!

What other experiences have helped you to run it?
I studied a lot—Marie Kondo and other organizers. I continue to learn almost daily about the psychology of hoarding and different things that seem to create clutter. It’s an ongoing education. Having worked with many people now has taught me. Every session I have, I’m learning.

What do your clients enjoy most about your services?

One woman said “I’ve lived in this house for twenty years and never felt at home before.” People say they have breakthroughs—now there’s space and they’re not thinking about the clutter. One said she started writing again. Now they have time—for relationships and to start businesses. A father said, “I can’t wait ’til we’re done. We’ll have so much more fun!”

Future plans for Shepherd Organizing?

I’m connecting with more realtors for home staging. It’s crucial to de-clutter before you put your home on the market. Clutter takes away equity.

I am available for presentations at events and gatherings, and will do one at the Mind Body Spirit Fair in April. I recently launched my website, There’s info on clutter-free gifts, where you can donate things, and more pages are in the works.

Excerpted from the Spring 2023 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine. Copyright 2023, Empowering Lightworks, LLC. All rights reserved.

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