Inner Nutrition: Attracting What You Really Want, Tyler Tichelaar

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Do you want more out of life? According to Abraham, a group of non-physical entities channeled by Esther Hicks, you can be, do, or have anything you want when you understand the Universal Law of Attraction. If channeling entities is too “out there” for you, think of the Law of Attraction as similar to positive thinking.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. When we think of something we want, we tend to attract it. For example, if you think about money, you’ll attract money. If you think about love, you’ll attract love. You may be thinking, “Then why don’t I have money or love?” The hitch is we have to believe we will receive what we want. When we doubt it or feel we don’t deserve it, we send a message to the Universe that we don’t want it. That blocks us from receiving what we want. When we really envision having it and we act and feel like it’s already ours, we create a powerful magnet that attracts it to us.

Before you dismiss this concept, recall a time when you thought of something that surprisingly appeared. For example, I might learn a new word, and then suddenly, I read or hear it multiple times within a few days. You might even attract a parking space in a busy downtown by simply believing you will have a smooth day where everything goes your way.

Yes, I know attracting a parking space seems like a small thing compared to attracting a life partner or a good-paying job, but according to Abraham, it is as easy to create a castle as a button. It doesn’t matter how big or small the item you wish to attract because when you use the Law of Attraction, you will attract it. Even the Bible supports this universal law as evidenced by the biblical title of Abraham’s first book, Ask and It Is Given.

My late friend Helen Haskell Remien was a devoted student of the Law of Attraction.

I remember her talking about how one of her ancestors had been a builder of community. Helen wanted to do the same. She was full of positive energy and constantly attracted people to her. In the movie Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner’s character comes to believe “If you build it, they will come.” He builds a baseball field and famous baseball players come to play there. Similarly, Helen built Joy Center in Ishpeming.

About 2006, she complained to me about the setup at a poetry reading she participated in. She decided to take future matters into her own hands by creating her own event and venue. She began by having one-woman shows at various locations. Then she expanded her vision to creating her own building, a creative sanctuary for her and others’ events. And hence, Joy Center was born.

Before Helen built Joy Center, she tweaked her vision by having a dollhouse-size model built of it. With the help of atalented carpenter, she then created a large, house-like location with three floors and plenty of room for events. At Joy Center, Helen held yoga classes, writing workshops, movie nights, open mic nights, and let people rent the space for their own events. How did she do this? By believing it was possible and acting on her belief.

Once Helen opened Joy Center, many flocked there.

As a result of her courage to live out loud and not suppress her dreams, Helen inspired countless people to follow their own dreams. Everyone from aspiring poets and authors to musicians and athletes joined Helen in celebrating life’s possibilities when we allow ourselves to receive what we wish to attract.

Abraham says the Law of Attraction is a universal law. Humans are born with the ability to send out a request to the Universe and have the Universe respond by granting their wishes. The problem is we let self-doubt, fear, and doubt of our worthiness interfere.

I have had the experience numerous times of getting out of my own way and then seeing what I want appear. For example, when I applied for a PhD program, I was accepted but told the university could not offer me an assistantship. I stressed for weeks about how I would support myself while in the program. One day I said, “God, this is out of my hands. If it’s going to happen, it’s up to you” and I let the worry leave my mind. Later that day, I got an email offering me a teaching assistantship that would cover my tuition and pay me a stipend. Whether you want to call it trusting in God, letting go and letting God, or getting out of your own way, the Law of Attraction worked for me that day.

Even if you don’t believe in Universal, mystical laws, I guarantee if you use positive thinking, you will change your mindset and open your mind to finding ways to create what you want. Instead of saying, “I’ll never be rich,” switch to saying, “I have enough money,” or “I am capable of making enough money to support my needs.” Listen for the negative voice in your head and rewrite its sentences to positive ones. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Ford thought he could, and he was right. Helen did not say, “No one will come to my events.” She told herself she would build a place filled with joy for countless people. People wanted more joy and to share in her joy, and so they went and played and created with her at Joy Center.

What story are you telling yourself about what you want?

How can you tweak that story to attract all the good things you deserve? What is your Joy Center?

Tyler R. Tichelaar is the author of twenty-two books. He thanks Garee Zellmer for introducing him to the Law of Attraction and Helen Haskell Remien for modeling it.

Excerpted from the Spring 2023 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine. Copyright 2023, Empowering Lightworks, LLC. All rights reserved.

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