New for Spring 2019

HH 47 Cover

Yup, we’re holding a space for spring, and bringing you a great new issue full of revitalizing ideas and information! Click here for a Central or Western U.P. location to pick up your copy!

This issue is dedicated to Barb Schmitt Mc-Bride, in honor of her strong, humanitarian spirit. During the fifteen years after her diagnosis of Stage IV breast cancer, she not only confounded the medical community with the resiliency of her health and times of total remission, she also helped inform her medical team on integrative health options, focused her altruism on creating the Breathe in Hope Retreat for cancer patients and their caregivers, and helped form the group Five Alive with other cancer patients to write a book about their experiences.

Throughout her life, Barb was an active champion of many causes. Despite the many challenges she encountered from the time of her diagnosis, Barb stayed interested and involved in the lives of many friends and family members, and fed her heart in travels with loved ones, photography, knitting, drumming, reading, art, and poetry. Barb stayed true to herself in choosing the course of health action she carefully arrived at as best for her. Her bright smile, lively interests, and caring heart have touched many and continue to inspire.

Reprinted with permission from the Spring 2019 issue of Health & Happiness U.P. Magazine, copyright 2019. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “New for Spring 2019

  1. Thank you Roslyn for dedicating this issue to Barb and your honoring message of love and resilience …oxo…Namaste’

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